Girl Scouts USA


Challenge presented: I was brought onto the Girl Scouts of America team to design for co-branded partnership projects with brands like Lego, Raytheon, Morgan Stanley, The North Face, and Johnson & Johnson.


My solution: Marrying the look of any two brands can be a tightrope walk of vested interests. Keeping in mind that whatever I was designing was ultimately for the girl scout herself, I put her concerns first and made sure she was at the forefront of all that we produced.


My role: Graphic Designer

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Art Direction




Challenge presented: In the midst of a company-wide brand identity makeover produce a wide gamut of media and collateral focused on non-core target markets (military, foreign nationals living in the U.S., lower income consumers) while maintaining the integrity and core brand principles of
a fortune 15 company.


My solution: Fully embrace the optimistic “Rethink Possible” brand motto. The future doesn’t just belong to the the upper middle class tech consumer, it’s available to a broad swath of people. By targeting under served demographics with AT&T offerings we were able to dramatically increase sales in previously “quite” sectors; notably pre-paid calling cards.


My role: Art Director. Responsible for designing and executing deliverables in a number of different media and formats including: web sites, banner ads, direct mailings, emails, print ads, collateral materials, and many more.

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Publisher Initiatives

Challenge presented: Expand’s existing tech savvy audience to include related but as yet untapped market spaces.


My solution: Working hand-in-glove with the PCMag editorial team we envisioned a number of tent-pole projects such as new, content rich sites focused on business traveling or identity security. These initiatives proved to be a hit with readers, and as a result our new advertising verticals attracted clients in markets we hadn’t previously been considered relevant to.


My role: I was a critical part of the launch of these initiatives from the earliest ideation phases to the live rollout of finished materials. I designed the visual identities of these channels including logos, UI/UX, branding, and promotion.



Client Advertising

Challenge presented: Create novel, attractive advertising opportunities for evergreen clients, as well as enticing new client opportunities.


My solution: As an ongoing pursuit, and the lion’s share of my responsibilities at Ziff Davis publishing I designed and actualized a vast array of solutions including: high impact placements, native advertising, interactive experiences, contests and promotions, micro sites, content hubs, branding channels, as well as a wealth of presentation materials and live demos for our sales staff to leverage in their endeavors.


My role: As the sole designer working with the sales and marketing teams my role encompassed the actual design of the advertising materials. Often that involved interfacing with brand managers and accounts representatives to assure that our custom executions were in line with the clients other existing programs.

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