Girl Scouts Cyber Challenge


Challenge presented: The Girl Scout's Cyber Challenge is a nation-wide STEM learning experience event we designed and launched in 2019 with the goal of encouraging interest in computer science and cybersecurity.


My solution: The numerous events saw hundreds of girls role-playing as technical personnel on a lunar base suffering a catastrophic cyber-attack. The scouts solved a variety of complex puzzles, cyphers, and logic problems to ultimately save the day, and learn some fundamentals of an emerging field.


My role: Graphic designer, game design consultant

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Art Direction


Girl Scouts Ecology Program

Challenge presented: Interest girls in ecology by challenging them to plant five million trees over the course of a year. The COVID-19 pandemic began while we were planning the initiative and required major adjustments to the program.


My solution: We produced a robust and informative slate of events and activities. Materials included games, literature, patches, and event collateral.


My role: Graphic designer

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Sentry Safe


Challenge presented: Under a limited budget engineer a promotion that features interactive engagement and at the same time tells the brand story in a captivating way.


My solution: Design a simple game that rewards participants for discovering and exploring a small virtual environment. As the user uncovers the hidden secrets of this environment they learn about the brand and receive real world offerings and promotions from the client.


My role: Game designer, UI/UX, Art director. I conceived the idea, produced wireframes and logic flows and developed a style guide for other designers to implement in creating art assets.

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Challenge presented: Build an extensive “gamified” user experience for the Kraft family of products.


My solution: By leveraging my expertise in game design and user interaction I blueprinted a robust social media platform for the Kraft brand. With tens of thousands of registered users in the first month
of launching, the platform has been a wonderful success.


My role: UI/UX consulting, Game Design, wireframing, art direction consulting

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