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My work depicts a familiar domestic American setting, but one that has been steeped in an uncertain and unsettling atmosphere. Themes explored are that of melancholy, psycho-sexual tension, and the notion of a lurking danger just under the surface.


Many images feature models and actors in a tableau of subdued and imprecise drama. Although a scene is presented, the exact nature of the scene's action is obscured. These
are photos of the moments between other moments. Other photos are more quiet, simply presenting views of suburban townscapes. When viewed as a group the work evokes a singular living world; a parallel universe, like our own but shaded differently.


Ambiguity in storytelling is important to me. I find fascinating the idea that as a viewer you've been given exactly not enough information to assemble a narrative. The prospect of each observer crafting unique and separate stories about the subjects and settings presented by my work is of as much importance to me as an artist as any other aspect of the craft.





An ongoing documentation of my casual observations in the modern world.
A celebration of small moments, color, and mundane beauty.

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