National Cable Communication

Challenge presented: Design an event that will draw new potential clients to the National Cable Communications brand. As long as we kept the NCC mission and goals front and center our team had free reign to engineer the event, from location to promotion.


My solution: Personalization and laser specific targeting. By carefully curating an invite list using throughly examined data we built a straightforward registration and event site that detailed our client’s offerings. Our response rate far exceeded client expectations.


My role: I designed (as part of a larger team) the event microsite and it’s print invitation. These materials were then adapted to other on-site print materials, decor, and signage.

Art Direction

Traditional Media


Challenge presented: Create an informative, luxurious sales experiance for a top-of-the line, practice-defining peice of dental technology.


My solution: By introducing the visual metaphor of an art gallery we suggested a number of the client (and product) touchstones: High-end design, sterile cleanliness, and intuitive control. Following a meeting with one of Cerec’s sales professionals prospective buyers were sent a series of “art cards” that continued to emphasise this straightforward product experience without resorting to crass hard selling or reiterating dull technical specifications.


My role: Graphic designer, photo re-toucher.

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