The Wall Street Journal

Challenge presented: Revamp both the look and functionality of the Wall Street Journal’s web experience. Architect infrastructure that allows for the easy adoption and integration of emergent technologies.


My solution: As the industry leader in business news, required a modern, elegant, but professional web presence. Working with a team of developers and coders I designed a number of flash elements for the core functionality of the site, including an interactive tour of new features and a downloadable newsfeed widget. The site is viewed by an average of 39 million unique visitors each month.


My role: Flash designer and UI/UX consulting.

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Art Direction


The Electric Company/Sesame Workshop

Challenge presented: When in 2009 Sesame Workshop re-booted the live-action educational children’s TV show “The Electric Company” they launched with it a dynamic kid friendly viewer-focused web destination. Additionally, an entirely separate site for parents of children who watch the show was deployed. Inclusion of the brand’s content in school curriculums was always intended to be the third element of The Electric Company internet experience. I was contracted to create a portal for educators that allowed them to leverage Electric Company content in their lessons.


My solution: I created a simple, streamlined design to get teachers right to the content they desire with a minimum of searching. Utilizing the extensive user research that Sesame Workshop had performed I built a site experiance very specifically engineered for the audience.


My role: I art directed and designed every page of the site. I worked with an in-house development team and project management staff.

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Challenge presented: Create a website that disseminates a vast amount of product information, allowing both roofing professionals and home improvement consumers access to the extensive line of GAF offerings.


My solution: by utilizing a branching “family tree” style information breakdown and multiple “what’s right for you” video tutorials we supplied users with an exhaustive array of products while maintaining an easy, intuitive navigation scheme. If you know what you are looking for you should be able to get to that data with a minimum of click-throughs. If you aren’t sure what you need we should be able to direct you in plain English without wasting your time.


My role: UI/UX consulting, CSS and XML editing, page designer, photo retoucher.

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